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.::Cameron Highlands Trip::.

.: Saturday, 28th April 2007

A much awaited day for the drive and overnight stay in Cameron Highlands. No matter that it dawned dark and drizzly. The cloudy skies and light drizzle did not deter those who turned up to support the drive. It's only convoy of 2 cars: Kelisa & Citra. The cars fully packed with cumbersome luggages of 8 pretty single ladies.

Cameron Highlands, a picturesque highland with fresh air and floral scents, is one of the most popular tourist spots in Malaysia. We assembled at Wani's House in Kota Damansara because a thrilling trip to Cameron Highlands was about to begin. This was an unusual trip because a group of young pretty ladies (Only ladies~!) full with courage eagerly to climb one of the coolest mount in Malaysia.

The convoy set off at approx. 9.00am, Wani with her Kelisa was interested enough to have stayed with me who drove Sue's Citra all the way to Tapah. On our way to Tapah, we saw a long convoy of PORSCHE cars. All the ladies in the cars start screaming including me~! Hehehehe...I've asked Sue to snap some photos but it turned out to be video recording instead.

We hit Tapah at 11.00am. I certainly was champing at the bit at having to stay within the speed limit. From the North South Expressway (NSE or PLUS Highway), we took Tapah exit. After paying at the toll booth, turn left into the main Tapah-Ringlet road that leads to Cameron Higlands. The Lata Iskandar is located after some 30 minutes of driving from Tapah. To be honest, we did not find the water too inviting for a dip. The water was clear enough, but the idea of swimming by the busy roadside was probably not the best of idea. Anyway, there are a number of food stalls and handicraft outlets nearby the waterfalls. You may browse to see what you may like. To us, they are probably more of tourist traps than anything else.

The prospect of missing out on the drive up the winding road to the Highlands was too tempting to forgo.. Soon we were at the Carnation Apartments, Tanah Rata after we paid RM500 and took the key from the owner at a food stall called Strawberry Kiosk. We dragged our luggage and went into our respective apartment. By this time, it was about 1.00pm. We grabbed a quick rest and then Diana, our talented chef started preparing our lunch. As time went on, we got closer to one another. Proudly to see that each of us know our own responsiblities and everything ran smoothly as planned. That evening, we went to the night market in Brincang after a persistent drizzle had stopped. At the night market, we could see some of us with smiles of satisfaction at the 'trophies'they had collected. Some of us bought Cactuses, Keychains and lots more~! Not long after, we went back to our apartments to prepare for dinner and AF5 Concert. There was ample food, and even though we made an all-out effort to squeeze and shove as much food as possible into our mouths, we couldn’t finish it all.

.: Sunday, 29th April 2007

The next day, we all woke up early. After we had freshened up and had breakfast, we took some photographs outside the apartments. Then, we quickly jumped into the Citra. Luckily it could fit 8 of us in a car. We resisted to go to Bharat tea plantation and drove up to BOH tea plantation at Sungai Palai. We gazed at the endless green carpet of tea bushes. It was a spectacular view. We spent one hour there, breathing in the tea scent and then breathing out the foul urban air within us. Needless to say, we took photos till the batteries weak.

As soon as we arrived at the Butterfly farm, we stepped out jubilantly from the Citra. Charges RM5 per person and calls itself Butterfly Farm but only a few inside. Some nice flowers though. Saw a plant with green coloured blooms labelled as 'green roses' though they didn't resemble any rose I know of. Enjoy the flowers, take some pictures and at least they don't charge anything for taking in a camera! Along told me that the Butterfuly Farm at Penang is much better. Later, we continued our journey to a bee farm.When we arrived, we jumped out from the Citra hurriedly because it was drizzling. We didn't spend a lot of time wandering around the bee farm because we did not find it that attractive.

The MARDI place is an absolutely lovely place and thousands of tourists have visited it since it was opened years ago. We found numerous types of flowers, plants and cactus there. We strolled through the park at a relaxed pace, and as we did so, we could feel the stress of urban living ease off us. The MARDI is quite big, so we spent almost two hours drinking in the beauty of the flowers and imprinting their image on camera and in our minds. It was no surprise that the batteries are weaken faster compare our visit to Bee & Butterfly Farm.

.: Monday, 30th April 2007

Sadly, all good things must come to an end. The next day, We turned into the southbound PLUS highway at Simpang Pulai and headed home. Before that, we took the opportunity to shop for fresh vegetables, fruits and flowers at Kea Farm nearby Equatorial Hotel. All in all, it was a funfilled event and all of us enjoyed ourselves very much. We drove safe, kept within the speed limits (no summons received yet!) and looked out for each other.


anies amran said...


Bestnye gi Cameron~!!
I've been there before, but that was on 1998...such a lovely place..but dah lama tak pg so tak tau la skang mcm mana..

* rasa nak pegi lagi~

gee carmen said...

bestlarrr, rugi i tak dapat ikut ur trip kan???
anyway, nice writing and beautiful pictures fren...


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