.:Henna Party @ Dayu's Home:.

I have organized a Henna Party during the Christmas Eve at home with the help of my Sister, Nieces and adopted Nephew. It is actually a joined party. My adopted nephew is celebrating his 25th Birthday on 25th of December. I have invited all my friends over and Henna each of them. I was so delighted to have Sue, Liza, Wani, Nora, Diana & her cousin, Nana around. This is a great time to sit and chat with each other.

Kids (my nieces especially) love Henna! Have you ever seen a child's face light up when they get one of those stick on temporary tattoos? They get the same look with Henna. It will last for three weeks and that they don't have to worry about it rubbing off and watch their eyes sparkle.
The average time for a Henna design to remain on the skin is about two to three weeks. This will vary depending on the body chemistry of the person (they only last about a week on me) and the length of time that the paste is left on the skin.

My friends was so surprised to find out that I'm good in doing the Henna Design. They seem so curious to know why I'm enthusiaticly doing freelance Henna Design lately. I told them that I using my skills to earn extra money to pay up my study loan, etc.

I've been doing seriously d ancient art of henna design (also known as mehndi/mehendi) since past 2 months and is currently available for bridal henna bookings and any other henna-related parties. You may SMS/call me for enquiries @ +60126777889.


2006 IPR Lawyers Alumnus said...

Hey Idayu,

You should have told me earlier you have this Henna Business. At least, I could engage you for my brother's recent wedding. By the way, I pray success for your business. Salam Aidiladha and Happy New Year. About the Xmas exchanging puzzle thingy, it's Abg Ed and Abg Rikey who hosted it and I was just the cook and invitee. Will chip you in next year ok!



anies amran said...


Macam best je Henna nih..must try on!!


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