::Allah knows what's the best 4 us...::

Allah knows what's d best 4 us. Why should we complain. We always want sunshine. But He knows there must be rain. We always want laughter & merriment of cheer. But our heart will lose their tenderness, if we never shed a tear. Allah test us often. With suffering & sorrow. He test us, not to punish us. But to help us meet tomorrow. For growing trees r strengthened. If they can withstand d storm & d sharpness of d chisel. Gave d marble its grace & form. Allah test us often. And for every pain He gives us, provided we r patient, is followed by rich gain. So, whenever we feel dat everything is going wrong, it is just Allah's way to make our spirit STRONG!


cerita tentang kita said...

emm..mmg kekadang sy selalu gak dok komplen..huhu.
salam perkenalan

anies amran said...

yah,u r right.but sometimes i do complain too,even though I know maybe it is just a test from Allah but sometime as a human I still cant take it.

Rina said...

huhuhu.... yes, u r rite, dayu. I realize that even more in the past 2 years. I was tried to "teach" Allah to give something to me at specific time. Now, I realize, I did stupid & silly thing. Now... I ikhlas for any His decesion for me :)


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