::About Me.. Yeah Me! Just a plain me...::

Dame Adeptly Yielding Undulation

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Originally from Malaysia & now live in Timbuktu, also spelled TOMBOUCTOU, is a city in the West African nation of Mali. An isolated place where no one would like to stay but aS for Me.. this is the secure place ever for me to run away from the people who keep haunting me. JuST KiDDiNg~!!....

But this one is real.... Errmmm... What I assume is normally, guys love and adore slim gurls. They don't intend to have any relation with those chubby, plump or obese gurls b'coz they think these gurls are ugly and aren't really sexy compare to the thin or slim one. As for myself... I'm BiG and CHuBBy. I always dream to have an ideal figure. But.. all my efforts only last for a few days...

Furthermore, I'm absolutely wacky....I wear my heart on my sleeve; can't hide my emotions. I'm passionate and fun-loving. I'm a straight-laced goody two-shoes afraid of my own shadow. A good listener and a best buddy to be with... izzit?? heheh :)

I'm intelligent, loving, imaginative, and occasionally funny. I'm also self-deprecating and have criminally low self-esteem. Doesn't make much sense, does it?

That's all 'bout me. so do U LiKe To be my frenz then?



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