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:: Carlsberg's Ads on Shopping Trolley~! ::

Yesterday I went to Carrefour Endah Parade, Sri Petaling and I saw a signage in A2 Size has been displayed nearby the trolley bay. It's stated there "TROLI tiada iklan ARAK di sini". It's good to see the Carrefour's management has taken up some efforts to segregate the trolleys with the Carlsberg's Ads. <- Big Applause for this~!

This scenario is not only happens in Carre4 Hypermarket but also in TESCO. As we know those shopping trolleys act as advertising tools. Shopping Trolley Advertisement is an already known media vehicle that allows for communicating the advertisement message for a long period of time and at the Point Of Purchase. There’s a lots of features & benefits from the S.T Ads, as it’s easy to reach the customers directly at Point of Purchase. However, it’s really a big ashamed to see a Muslim pushing around the trolley with the Carlsberg's Ads. Indirectly, the Muslims help to promote the product without their consciousness.

Furthermore the advertisement can be seen both from the side of the user of the trolley and from the outside by the customers. The Muslim consumers have been exploited. I’ve once faced the same problem in TESCO last year. I’m willing to spend my time to wait for the non-Ads trolley to arrive at the trolley bay on the selling floor for almost 10 minutes and as for me, I’m very particular about this matter. I hope in future, there will be more good products for health to be advertised rather than the alcohol thingy!



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