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The HyperMarket Trolley Comparison War~!

How come they can claim 'The truth is in there' where they didn’t include the proof of purchase? I used to see this type of marketing strategy... It is called ‘Trolley Comparison’. Prices were independently collected in between two or three hypermarkets. Surprisingly Care4 is being so transparent on doing this marketing promotion by indicating their competitor’s name clearly to show to the consumers that their price is damn competitive. I believe that consumers are not that stupid to be influenced with that.

I prefer Tesco’s marketing strategy in doing this ‘Trolley Comparison’. They put the real trolley aside and place in the trolley with whole bunch of items which come from their competitor and from their own hypermarket. Yes, Tesco did it in a professional way. They have the receipt from the competitor’s store and stick them nicely on the board without candor. Tesco always aim to make a fair comparison. If the price collectors can't find the product in the same size in a competitor's stores, they take the nearest size and convert the price pro-rata. If there is no size that will fairly compare with the Tesco product, then we do not include it.

Not like what Care4 did. Simply instruct the Visual Merchandising Design (VMD) Artist to write the items out and place the price accordingly. However, in an independently collected survey of this size, it is always possible that an incorrect price may be quoted. Come on big playaz… please ensure that the prices displayed on this facility are fair, representative and accurate. We as the consumers are not that stupid to be cheated or fool by u guys…

BTW, Thank you for helping Us spend less everyday... :P



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